Feature Rich
Flexible options for effortless sharing and word-of-mouth marketing.
Seamless Integration
Make sharing an integral part of your user's experience.
Analytics and Reports
Sophisticated tracking for actionable insights.
Post Purchase Sharing For Increased Referrals

From small business to enterprise solutions, our robust platform provides everything you need to turn customers into referral marketers with powerful ecommerce sharing options.

Our technology incorporates sharing capability directly into your order confirmation page. With one click, customers can tell all their Facebook friends or Twitter followers what they just purchased on your site. Incentivize sharing further by providing customers with unique referral codes; every time one of their friends makes a purchase by following their link, you can reward the referrer with prizes, discounts, cash back or coupons.

Your account manager will work with you every step of the way to define the optimal sharing and rewards options, then our design team will build everything needed in a matter of weeks, with frequent updates along the way, and your team will only need 1 to 3 hours to integrate everything into your site.

NextBee will make sharing a seamless component of your customer's checkout experience. With single sign on functionality and open-graph integration, users can click one button on the confirmation page, type a quick message, and post to their wall - and all of their friend's news feeds. They can do the same for Twitter, Pinterest, Google + - or easily share across all their social profiles at the same time.

Allow users to quickly spread the word via email from the confirmation page with full or partial contact list import and preset messages, or they can write their own email message. These emails can be configured to contain unique referral codes that will track sharing and reward the sharer with discounts or coupons if their friends make a purchase.

In addition to the order confirmation page on your site, NextBee can integrate post-purchase sharing options into email receipts, and again in shipping notification emails.

Users who are excited about their purchase will be motivated to share your brand with their social connections, and by incorporating exciting rewards and prizes into the process, they'll be compelled to do so.

NextBee can set up post-purchase sharing options that reward both the referrer and their friends. Upon completing a purchase, your customers can be presented with a coupon for a percentage off their next purchase, or an instant rebate. They can then share this coupon using a unique referral link. When one of their friends clicks the link and makes a purchase, both the friend and the original customer will get the reward. Our software tracks the rewards and referrals and will email both parties a confirmation of their discount or rebate once the transaction is complete. You can also set expiration times on the coupons and offers to create a sense of urgency.

Ecommerce referrals can also be coupled with many of NextBee's other powerful marketing tools: if you're running a sweepstakes, reward customers with entries based on the number of referrals they generate through sharing. Or stoke the competitive spirit by incorporating leader boards into your customer area - users can see who has referred the most and compete for monthly, or quarterly prizes for the top performers.

Detailed Tracking Software

Behind the scenes NextBee's software tracks every detail of your program, giving you an abundance of metrics to measure results. Our dashboards let you segment users based on tags and view reports by:

  • Referral Channel
  • Date Range
  • Most Active Users
  • Email Address
  • Many More...

Furthermore, if you ever want to view a report by a metric not included in our standard list, simply send your account manager a message and they'll get it straight out to you.

With easy to use sharing options coupled with enticing rewards, your current customers can quickly become your biggest marketing asset - generating leads, increasing brand awareness and social buzz, driving referrals and ultimately boosting revenue.

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